All about the Cockapoo : Is a Cockapoo the right dog for you?

With a name like “Cockapoo” you can expect this dog breed to be nothing less than adorable. These dogs are known for their soft, wavy coats, their friendly demeanor, and their goofy personalities. More than that however, Cockapoos are an intelligent and family-friendly breed that is becoming increasingly more popular with each passing year. If you are thinking about getting a new dog, the Cockapoo is definitely a great option to consider – keep reading to learn all about this wonderful breed!

all about the cockapoo dog

  1. What is a Cockapoo?
  2. What do Cockapoos look like?
  3. What kind of temperament does a Cockapoo have?
  4. Cockapoo exercise and feeding requirements
  5. Tips for grooming your Cockapoo
  6. Is the Cockapoo a healthy breed?
  7. How much does a Cockapoo cost?
  8. Cockapoo training and dealing with problem behaviours

What is a Cockapoo?

The Kennel Club recognises over 200 different dog breeds. Each breed is unique in its own way but they all have one thing in common – they are pure breeds. The Cockapoo, on the other hand, is something called a mixed breed – a combination of two pure breeds. Mixed breed dogs are sometimes called crossbreeds or, in the case of the Cockapoo, designer dog breeds. The Kennel club also recognise a number of cross breeds, the Cockapoo being one of these. The Cockapoo is the result of breeding a Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle and the first specimen of this breed came about accidentally sometime during the late 1950’s and no one breeder or kennel is credited with creating the breed. What started as a happy accident transformed into a popular trend that has since yielded dozens of designer dog breeds like the Labradoodle, the Cavachon, and the Puggle.

what does a cockapoo look like

At the heart of it, a Cockapoo is part Poodle and part Cocker Spaniel. What you may not realise, however, is that Cockapoos can be very different depending on how they are bred. For example, the name Poodle actually applies to three separate breeds of very different sizes – the Standard Poodle, the Miniature Poodle, and the Toy Poodle. The size of the Cockapoo may vary depending on which of these breeds are used in the combination. There are also two types of Cocker Spaniel – the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel. Different combinations of these five breeds can yield very different results in terms of the Cockapoo’s size, coat, and personality.

What do Cockapoos look like?

Without having ever seen a Cockapoo, you can guess what this kind of dog looks like just by looking at the parent breeds. When you think of the Poodle breed you probably picture a dog with a curly coat and a long, tapered snout. The name Cocker Spaniel brings to mind a small, spaniel-type dog with a short muzzle, long ears, and a feathered coat. The Cockapoo, then, can be expected to exhibit a combination of these and other traits inherited from the parent breeds. Most Cockapoos are small- to medium-sized dogs with floppy ears and wavy or curly coats.

buying cockapoo puppies

Though most Cockapoos exhibit the same general characteristics, the details can vary greatly depending on breeding. For example, a Cockapoo bred from a Standard Poodle will be larger than one bred from a Toy Poodle. There may also be minor differences between Cockapoos bred from American Cocker Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels. For the most part, however, there are four different size categories into which the Cockapoo falls:

  • Teacup Toy Cockapoo – less than 25cm tall, under 3kg’s
  • Toy Cockapoo – up to 25cm tall, average weight 5.5kg’s
  • Mini Cockapoo – average 28cm to 36cm tall, average weight 6kg’s to 8 kg’s
  • Standard Cockapoo – average 38cm or taller, average weight at least 8.5kg’s

Not only does the Cockapoo’s size vary according to breeding, but so does its coat texture and colour. Poodles are known for their tight curls while Cocker Spaniels have a wavier coat with feathering on the abdomen, legs, and tail. This being the case, Cockapoos may have curly or wavy coats that fall somewhere along the spectrum between these two breeds. Both parent breeds also come in a variety of colours so the Cockapoo does as well – you might see colours like black, tan, beige, brown, cream, sable, silver, apricot, or red. Some Cockapoos even exhibit a combination of two or more colours.

What kind of temperament does a Cockapoo have?

Because the Cockapoo is a cross between two pure breeds it is impossible to predict exactly what kind of temperament Cockapoo puppies are going to inherit. To some degree, your Cockapoo puppy’s personality will be malleable – starting as early as possible with training and socialising is more likely to yield an obedient, well-adjusted adult dog. Though you can’t predict exactly how your Cockapoo will turn out, you can make certain assumptions based on the temperament of the parent breeds. This gets a little tricky, however, because there are some differences in temperament between the large Standard Poodle and the two smaller sizes.

are cockapoos good with children

For the most part, Poodles are friendly and gentle dogs with excellent intelligence. Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels are also very social and people-oriented dogs by nature. Standard Poodles tend to be the most stable in terms of temperament and they are the best choice of the three sizes for families with children. Sometimes Toy and Miniature Poodles can develop a bit of an independent or stubborn streak – they may also be more likely to be impatient around children. The happy-go-lucky temperament of the Cocker Spaniel breed may, however, cancel this out. Most Cockapoos are great with kids and they make wonderful companion pets. With proper socialisation and training, Cockapoos can get along with other household pets and they generally don’t have a problem with other dogs.

Cockapoo exercise and feeding requirements

In addition to being very friendly and people-oriented, Cockapoos are also very active and playful dogs. In terms of their energy level, Cockapoos are not the type of dog that will run you ragged but they do require a long daily walk with some active play time to meet their needs for exercise. Cockapoos are also an adaptable breed so they can adjust to flat or apartment life as long as they get the exercise they need each day. Your Cockapoo needs a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise a day, but more is always better. Regular exercise will keep your Cockapoo from gaining too much weight and it will also help to prevent the development of problem behaviours due to boredom. If you want to give your dog some extra exercise, try giving him a puzzle toy to play with at home.

Not only do you need to make sure that your Cockapoo’s needs for exercise are met, you also have to feed him a healthy diet. As a fairly active breed, your Cockapoo may need more calories than other breeds of his size but you need to be careful about going overboard – the Cocker Spaniel in his blood makes the Cockapoo prone to obesity. The best thing for you to do is to pick out a high-quality dog food made with fresh, natural ingredients and formulated specifically for small- to medium-breed dogs. When your Cockapoo is young, feed him a small-breed puppy formula then switch him over to an adult formula when he reaches 80% of his maximum size – this usually happens somewhere between 6 and 8 months for smaller dogs like the Cockapoo. Cockapoo puppies will need three or four small meals throughout the day while adults can be reduced to two – one in the morning and one in the evening.

Tips for grooming your Cockapoo

The length and texture of the Cockapoo’s coat varies according to breeding, so some Cockapoos may be easier to groom than others. For the most part, however, Cockapoos are a low-shedding breed – they inherit this trait from their Poodle parents. The Poodle’s coat is very fine but its curly texture means that shed hairs tend to get caught in the coat instead of falling to the ground. Poodles also produce less dander than many breeds which means that the same is true of the Cockapoo. Like any dog, however, Cockapoos require regular brushing to control shedding and to keep their coat in good condition.

all about the cockapoo dog

If you don’t brush your Cockapoo’s coat regularly, it could get dirty with a buildup of dust, dirt, and loose hairs. Neglecting your Cockapoo’s coat could also lead to mats and tangles that can become painful for your dog if you ignore them for too long. Fortunately, grooming a Cockapoo’s coat is fairly easy and you don’t need any fancy tools. Because Cockapoos generally have medium to long curly or wavy coats, a wire-pin brush is the best tool to use. Start at the back of your Cockapoo’s head, brushing down the back of his neck in the direction of hair growth. Work the brush slowly along his back and then down the sides before moving down each leg.

As you brush, keep an eye out for mats and tangles. If you encounter one, try to work through it gently by hand. If you absolutely can’t work it out, use a pair of small sharp scissors to cut it out. Pinch the hairs closest to your dog’s skin then cut through a few hairs at a time while gently pulling on the mat until it comes free. After brushing your dog throughout with the wire-pin brush you might consider going over his coat again with a slicker brush to thin out your Cockapoo’s undercoat. Doing this once a week or a few times a month will help to reduce shedding even further. You may also want to consider taking you Cockapoo to a professional groomer every 6 to 8 weeks for a trim depending on how fast and how long his coat tends to grow. There are different ways to trim your Cockapoo’s coat to keep maintenance at a minimum – a puppy clip or a pet clip are the best ways to go.

Is the Cockapoo a healthy breed?

Both of the Cockapoo’s parent breeds are known for being fairly healthy, though that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that your Cockapoo will never get sick. These dogs have an average lifespan of 14 to 18 years, though it isn’t uncommon for smaller dogs like this to live into their 20’s.

Like any dog, the Cockapoo is prone to certain health problems, some of which may be inherited from the parents. Poodles, for example, are prone to conditions like Addison’s disease, sebaceous adenitis, hip dysplasia, epilepsy, and thyroid issues. Cocker Spaniels are prone to cancer, otitis externa, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and glaucoma. The Cockapoo may develop any of these conditions if the parent was a carrier – they are also prone to ear infections due to their floppy ears. The best way to protect your Cockapoo is to keep up with regular vet visits so you can identify the symptoms of disease early enough to start treatment right away.

How much does a Cockapoo cost?

howmuch do cockapoos cost

The price to buy a Cockapoo puppy varies greatly from one breeder to another. Because the Cockapoo is not a purebred, you probably won’t be spending a small fortune for a puppy. The average price for a Cockapoo puppy is about £650 to £1,000. In addition to thinking about how much it costs to buy a Cockapoo puppy, you should also consider the cost of keeping one. You’ll have to pay for food every month as well as grooming costs and at least two vet visits per year. If you are worried about the cost of vet care for your Cockapoo you might consider buying pet insurance. Plan costs vary depending on the level of coverage and your deductible, but you can expect to pay about £30 a month.

Cockapoo training and dealing with problem behaviours

Both the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle are known for their intelligence so the Cockapoo is a very smart breed as well. The smarter the dog, the easier it is to train them as long as you go about it the right way. Cockapoos tend to respond best to positive reinforcement training. To use this type of training you simply teach your Cockapoo to associate a specific command with a specific behaviour – like sitting down when you say “Sit”. To train your dog using positive reinforcement you would hold a treat in front of his nose and say “Sit” then move the treat forward, encouraging your Cockapoo to follow it with his nose. As he does, his bottom will lower to the floor and, as soon as that happens, you praise him and give him the treat. After a few repetitions, your dog will know what “Sit” means! You can then adapt this training sequence to teach your dog other commands.

all about the cockapoo dogThe Cockapoo is a wonderful breed, especially if you are in the market for a family pet. Cockapoos are not the right choice for everyone, but their friendly personalities and gentle natures make them one of the most popular breeds out there. Before you bring home a new dog, make sure that you can commit to caring for your furry friend for the entirety of his life. A dog is a big commitment but if you are up to the challenge you will find that it is extremely rewarding as well.

The Ultimate Car Seat Guide

Car seats come in all shapes and sizes these days and it can be quite confusing when knowing which one to buy. That’s why we’re here to help you with our ultimate car seat guide! All of your questions have been answered – from what size car seat to buy, to how to fit it, when and why they expire, and recommended brands! So sit back, relax and let us guide you…

Car Seat Guide



General guidelines to follow

The ultimate guide to car seats.

Before you read any further it is important you follow these three guidelines when purchasing an appropriate child restraint seat:

  • The child restraint seat conforms to the United Nations standard. Look for the ‘E’ mark label on the seat.
  • Is suitable for your child’s weight and size.
  • Is correctly fitted according to the manufacturers instructions.


  • Children must normally use a child car seat until they are 12 years old or 135 cm tall, whichever comes first.

For more information:

What size car seat do I need?

(e.g. car seat for a 2 year old, 4 year old)

Car seats

There are many different types of child car seats available and these are divided into categories according to your child’s weight (these categories will be clearly marked on the car seat’s packaging). They correspond broadly to different age groups, however, it is the weight of the child that is most important when deciding what seat to use. Please refer to the following table – created by – when deciding on the size of car seat you may need:

[table id=1 /]


How do you fit a car seat?

The way a car seat is fitted is integral to your child’s safety. Statistics show that 80% of car seats are fitted incorrectly. As car seats come in all shapes and sizes we cannot tell you how to fit one here. However, a general rule of thumb is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for for fitting a car seat. If you have lost the instructions they are often published on the manufacturer’s website. If you cannot find these then your best bet is to simply contact the manufacturer.

However, even after following the manufacturer’s instructions, please keep the following in mind:

  • It’s safer to fit the car seat in the back seat of the car but if necessary they can be fitted in the front.
  • NEVER fit a backward-facing baby car seat in the front if there is an active airbag on the passenger seat side of the car. If the airbag went off it could hit the seat with a large amount of force, potentially injuring your child.
  • If using a forward-facing baby seat in the front seat ensure that the seat is as far back as it can go and the seat belt is secured properly.



When can a car seat face forward?

The ultimate guide to car seats.This depends on the type of car seat you have:

Weight-based car seats must be rearward facing until your child is at least 9 kg. After this weight they should be turned forward facing, however, some car seats can stay rearward facing until your child has reached 18kg (check the manufacturer’s instructions).

Height-based car seats – also known as i-Size seats – must be rearward facing until your child is over 15 months old. Your child can then use a forward facing seat when they reach this age.


How long before car seats expire (and 
how to check)?

As a general rule, most car seats expire 6 years after the date of manufacture and depending on the make and model of your car seat, the date of manufacture could be located in a number of places:

  • On the label. If it is on the label then it will be explicitly stated – i.e. “do not use after this date [date here].
  • Imprinted on the seat. As with the label it will be explicitly stated.

In some cases, there will be a date on a tag sewn onto the car seat’s harness straps. Unless explicitly stated this is NOT the car seat’s expiration date but rather a release date.

IMPORTANT: If you cannot the date of manufacture on your car seat then it could be a fake and should be avoided at all costs. A fake car seat is a dangerous car seat. By buying one you could be putting your child’s life in danger. If you are in doubt then ring the seat’s manufacturer.



Why do car seats expire?

Car Seats

The main reason car seats expire is because they are made of plastic, which becomes brittle and weak as it ages (two things you don’t want in something that is made to withstand force)!


My car seat has been involved in a car accident – can I still use it?

Car Seats
In most cases the answer is NO. Most manufacturers warn that car seats should never be used again after a crash, however, The Car Seat Lady says it is OK if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. The vehicle was able to be driven away from the crash; AND
  2. The vehicle door nearest the car seat was undamaged; AND
  3. There were no injuries to any of the people in the vehicle; AND
  4. The air bags did not activate; AND
  5. There is no visible damage to the child seat


What is the best way to dispose of an expired or damaged car seat?

First of all, NEVER buy or sell an expired or damaged car seat. If you see a car seat being sold at an unusually low price then chances are it’s unsafe. It’s like buying a car without seat belts – you just wouldn’t do it.

To dispose of an expired or damaged car seat safely check with your recycling center to see whether it can be recycled. If it can’t then cut all of the straps off a write clearly in a marker pen “DO NOT USE – EXPIRED” on the car seat before throwing it away.


How do I know if my car seat has been recalled?

Car SeatsA car seat can be recalled if a safety issue becomes apparent after it has gone on sale to the general public. You should never use a car seat that has been recalled. A good website to check whether your car seat has been recalled is GOV.UK as their list is continually being updated:

If you are still unsure then it’s always best to check with the manufacturer – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

How do I clean my car seat?

Cleaning your car seat is a simple process and should be done regularly. To clean it efficiently follow these steps:

  1. Take it out of your car and place on an old blanket
  2. Vacuum up all of the dirt and dust
  3. If you can, remove the seat cover and place it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
  4. If you can’t remove the cover, spot clean the big stains and leave out to dry.
  5. For the plastic portion of your baby’s car seat use a kitchen or bathroom cleaning product. Apply a small amount on a damp cloth, clean the entire seat and then rinse with a wet cloth.

What is the best car seat to buy?Car Seats

There are loads of good car seat brands out there but here are some that we recommend (and have good reviews elsewhere):

If you’re a bit strapped for cash then why not buy a used car seat on Friday-Ad? We have an entire section dedicated to car seats and baby carriers on Friday-Ad. However, please choose carefully when buying a used car seat. This can be done by following all the above guidelines. Remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry!


And that’s it! Thank you for reading our ultimate car seats guide. Did you find it helpful? Let us know by commenting below… and don’t forget to share this post on social media.

Improve Your Dealership’s Response In 5 Easy Steps

Are you worried that your dealership’s phone isn’t constantly off the hook?

Are you frustrated that you’re unable to get frustrated about the sheer volume of emails flooding your inbox?

If you’re lucky enough to have a Friday-Ad dealership page then we’re about to give you 5 simple pointers to virtually guarantee a better response from it. There are thousands of potential customers ready to pick up the phone and you’ll be shocked at the simplicity of the steps you can take to make that happen.

Ad Pictures

Let’s start with the most basic of must-dos yet – oddly – the most common of doesn’t-dos; upload pictures for every one of your vehicles. A dealership without vehicles is just an empty room and a dealership page without pictures is the same. It is surprising how many dealers spend hours getting their vehicles washed, waxed and vacuumed yet fail to do their efforts justice when it comes to advertising them online.DoDontImage

Use a high definition camera and if you don’t own one, try and borrow one. Failing that, most new smartphones come equipped with very decent cameras offering a high pixel rate. Be sure to include as many images as possible; covering every angle from the dashboard to the boot. Before customers commit to an enquiry they will want to ensure that they are chasing their ideal motor rather than wasting time asking for more pictures or visiting the dealership in-person only to realise the poor quality image they had viewed online was actually disguising some deal-dampening blemishes.

Ad descriptions

Never presume that every one of your potential customers is a budding Top Gear presenter with a wealth of car knowledge floating around their head. Many will be first time buyers who don’t know a great deal about what they’re looking at beyond the picture so make sure each of your ads educates as well as excites. Equally, those in the know will want to deep-dive the details and that could be the difference between landing an enquiry or not.

Company Logo / Cover

Make sure you upload your company logo. Think about it in a high-street sense: if you were walking through town looking for somewhere new to eat, it’s very unlikely that you’d opt for the restaurant with no doors, windows or name. You’d probably choose to dine in the slightly more enticing Bon Apetit next door, right? Once you’ve uploaded your logo, make sure it is dimensionally correct. An image that is too tall or wide will result in part of it being cropped out and an image that is too small will appear blurry. Ok, so no one’s going to be coming to you for graphic design advice but a high quality logo that is framed nicely both reinforces professionalism and is great for brand awareness.DoDontLogo

The cover photo is the first thing your customers will see when visiting your dealership page and is great opportunity to stand out from the competition. Don’t upload a screenshot of your opening times, phone number etc as this should already be featured on your page; it will just make everything cluttered. Avoid stretching small images to fit the dimensions as this will look amateurish but most importantly, don’t leave it blank. Try and use an image that represents who you are and what you stand for as a dealership. That could be anything from your forecourt, to some beautiful, rich photography of a sports car set to a mountainous background, just don’t leave it blank. If in doubt, our dedicated customer service team have some eye catching stock photography you can used in the meantime. Did we mention not to leave it blank?

Contact details

So, you’ve managed to get the basics right; your page looks slick and professional and your stocklistings are both eye-catching and informative. All of that will be for nothing if people don’t know who to contact. Although users will be able to contact you via messages on Friday-Ad, be sure to include your phone number and address as they may want an immediate response or even better, want to browse your showcase in person. The map feature included with your profile will pinpoint where in the country you can be found.

Check Your Messages

This one sounds obvious but so many people make the mistake of relying solely on incoming telephone calls. On Friday-Ad, many potential customers will choose to send a message via your page before committing to a phone call or anything beyond that. What’s more, with the rise of social media, people often expect a near-immediate response. Check your messages daily because that enquiry about your Ford Focus you didn’t read 13 days ago is almost certainly now a no-goer. That person will have bought one from someone else and driven off into the sunset by now. Make it part of your routine and check your inbox daily if not more.

Sussex to be renamed Friday-Ad! (APRIL FOOLS!)

DIG17810-AprilFoolsWelcomeToFAD(Social) (1)

We have some very exciting news to tell you today. If you live in Sussex this will affect you. Actually, let us rephrase that, if you live in Friday-Ad, this will affect you.


Yes, it’s official – the counties of East Sussex and West Sussex are being renamed Friday-Ad! And no, this is not a joke – all relevant signage is being put up as you read this!

We’ve always prided ourselves on the fact that we are a local company – bringing buyers and sellers across Sussex together. And what better way to celebrate that by changing the name of our beloved county to the public’s most beloved site – Friday-Ad!

Billy Humphreys, Marketing Manager of Friday-Ad, said: “We know that Friday-Ad is Sussex’s most popular online classified website and paper – we’ve been around for over 40 years!

“As a company we love everything about the county – the beautiful countryside, the residents, the historic buildings… and we feel that Friday-Ad is very much engrained into Sussex culture!

“We’re very grateful that West and East Sussex Councils allowed us to do this!”

This wasn’t an easy task and took years of planning and preparation. First, we had to get permission from both West Sussex and East Sussex county councils, who took a lot of persuading. Then we had to make some huge preparations in terms of everything that comes with the big change – maps, addresses, signage, and the formation of a new council – the Friday-Ad county council!

And after this? Well, the preparations have now been put into action – some of you may have noticed that some of the signage has changed around your area. We have started off in Brighton and we are working our way through all the towns and cities in Friday-Ad. Take a look:


Yes, that’s right! The first of the new Friday-Ad buses – the county’s new bus design, coming to a town / city / village near you! And look what else we’ve done:

iStock_000022482288_Large iStock_000075890387_Double

Yes, that’s right… the Brighton Dome is now being called Friday-Ad dome! We expect all the changes to be fully implemented by this time next year. Understandably, it takes quite awhile to change all signage, maps, and so forth.

If you’re a Friday-Ad resident you will soon be receiving a letter in the post from the council detailing how these changes will be implemented and how they will affect you – such as address changes, and so on!

What do you think? Are you happy about the change? If you spot any of the changes we are making whilst you’re out and about please tweet us @TheFridayAd!

A-ha! Alan Partridge’s Top 10 Motoring Moments

Everyone’s favourite son of Norwich: Alan Partridge, returns to our screens on the 16th February in Mid Morning Matters Series 2. In celebration of his triumphant – albeit wrought with gaffes – return to our screens, we countdown his top 10 motoring moments.

10. The petrol station

For most of us, a trip to the petrol station doesn’t really serve any secondary purpose to simply refueling and moving on. For Alan, the local BP garage is his favourite haunt; a place where he can seek solace, companionship and apple pies that are hotter than the sun. Whether strolling down the side of the duel-carriageway singing ‘Goldfinger’ or telling Michael the cashier that his petrol is “a bit obvious” and ” a bit petroly”, it is here that provides a lot of the series 2 highlights from I’m Alan Partridge. In one scene he and Michael observe an “idiot” in a Hillman Imp using the forecourt simply to turn around, to which Alan remarks “He thinks he’s Rod Stewart.”

9. Getting into bed with Kia

In Alpha Papa, we see Alan has opted for a Kia Optima. Frugal and affordable, it bares all the hallmarks of a Partridge car. The good news? Alan acquired the Korean saloon as a gift from Fendales Motors. The bad news? We know this because it has ‘Alan Partridge drives this Kia: Supplied by Fendales Motors’ splashed across the flank. A small price to pay for a free car that makes a locking sound so pleasing to Alan’s ears. “I love that noise” he boasts.

8. “I’m not driving a Mini Metro”

When Alan’s ill-fated chat show Knowing Me Knowing You is denied a second series, it falls to his PA, Lynn to deliver the news that petrol-head Alan must part with his beloved Rover 800 and downgrade to a Mini Metro. It’s a necessary sacrifice to keep his loyal Pear Tree Productions staff in employment. Despite correctly pointing out that it is in fact a Rover Metro, Alan is quick to snap “They’ve re-badged it, you fool!” Lynn’s subsequent pleas are met with the childish repetition of “I’m not driving a Mini Metro” and Alan decides his company can function with a skeleton staff of two.

7. “There’s no fog!”

In one of the opening sequences of Alpha Papa, viewers are treated to a lip-sync masterclass as Alan cruises down the motorway in his Kia, miming along to Roachford’s 1988 hit ‘Cuddly Toys’, breaking only to incessantly point out to a fellow motorist that their fog lamps are on despite there being “No fog!” “No fog!” “There’s no fog!”

6. “I’ve got right of way!”

Another instance of Alan losing his Partridge at the wheel came in the form of an explosive tirade at someone who disregarded his right of way at a junction. True to form, this “someone” who crossed him was just a child riding a bicycle.

5. Cook Pass Babtridge

Before his fateful meeting with BBC commissioning editor Tony Hayers, Alan discovers his Rover 800 has been defaced by “sub-human scum.” Thinking on his feet, Alan manipulates the emblazoned expletives to read ‘Cook Pass Babtridge’ instead… better?

4. The plural of Lexus

Alan is convinced that the plural for Lexus is Lexi. It’s a car which he describes as “the Japanese Mercedes” and agrees that anyone who drives a Merc is “sa-a-ad”. Unfortunately, his IS300 met bollard in an incident that saw Lynne suffer “minor woman’s whiplash.”

3. “Not my words Carol, the words of Top Gear magazine”

Many of us have experienced a bitter exchange with a former partner but it’s unlikely any us have taken one to the lengths that Alan did. Bored in his hotel room one afternoon, Alan rings his estranged wife solely to point out the flaws in her new lover’s choice of transport. “With a mere ninety brake-horse-power available, progress is too leisurely to be called fast, but on the motorway in fifth gear the Megane’s slow pace really becomes a pain. Uphill runs become power-sappingly mundane, while overtaking National Express coaches can become a long, drawn-out affair.” Not my words Carol, the words of Top Gear magazine…” ***Click*** “…Hello?”

2. “Is it a Rover?”

It’s fair to say Alan would go to the opening of an envelope if it was on offer (remember his ‘Dante’s Fireplaces’ “gig”?) Never one to pass up an opportunity for a bit of extra cash (or a free car), Alan attempted to use his Christmas special: Knowing Me Knowing Yule as a vehicle for some subtle promotion of the new Rover Vitesse Fastback. Unfortunately for Alan, one closeup of the car’s badge too many was followed by a visit from Santa aka a salesman from Alan’s local Rover dealership Claus. Upon being read the joke “What car goes Woof Woof?”, Tony Hayers very bluntly queries “Is it a Rover?” Knowing he’s been rumbled, Alan exchanges some awkward glances with Santa who sheepishly reveals the answer to be “A Vauxhall Labrador” instead.

1. The cars of Cromwell

Alan has incorporated some stunning features into his radio shows over the years – think ‘Alan’s Deep Bath’, ‘Alan on Alan’ and ‘Which is the best Lord: Lord of the Rings, of the Dance, or of the Flies?’ His most recent offering in Mid Morning Matters saw Alan take calls on what cars major historical figures would drive if they were alive today. In a rare change of pace, Alan actually agreed with of his listeners. So much so, he described it as “The best call I’ve ever had” before trying and failing to arrange a drink with him. John from… “home”, suggested the following;

Oliver Cromwell: Golf 1.6 Turbo, diesel (because he’d appreciate the economy and build quality.) Standard interior (because he wasn’t at all flashy). Parking sensors front and rear (because he was no fool.) As a puritan he’d appreciate the functionality but as a leader he’d appreciate the turbo engine.

Henry VIII: Range Rover Vogue 4.6, petrol. Sage green with a saddle tan interior.

You can see the full clip below:

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Friday-Ad’s Best Christmas Presents

Choosing the best Christmas presents for different members of any family can prove quite the task at the best of times. So we thought we would lend you a hand and show you what’s popular and going to get you into everyone’s good books, for now anyway…



Contrary to popular belief, parents’ favourite Christmas presents aren’t always socks, so we thought we’d have a look to see what else they’re into, the majority of which is displayed below…

CD Players/Speakers

bose-wave-music-system-14670634-1_800X600 (1)Everyone loves music, be it Justin Bieber or The Beatles. A Music System like this is always a safe bet around Christmas time and often a real winner, especially with parents as they now have a platform to showcase their favourite holiday tunes around the dinner table for all the family to enjoy, who doesn’t want that?


pair-of-massage-slippers-homedics-12803706-1_800X600We know what you’re thinking, so similar to socks? Think of it as an upgrade, socks’ younger, better looking brother! Slippers are in fact, according to research one of the most popular festive gifts for parents! We can guarantee once your parents open these up, they won’t be taking them off all day or for most of the festive season.



No, not necessarily Christmas jumpers… But, jumpers in general are a great Christmas gift for your Mum and Dad! Why? Because it’s Winter, it’s cold and who doesn’t love new clothes? Similarly to slippers, we wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest if your parents cannot contain their excitement and wear this gift over the entirety of Christmas Day.



You’re only lying to yourself if you say you don’t want to get your furry friend a gift this year, they’d most likely be happy with anything you choose. But just in case they aren’t, here’s our best presents for pets!


toyThe right toy for your pet will go down an absolute treat and ensure not only they know they are a loved member of your family but, that everyone else knows too! Choose wisely and your pet may well be parading their new toy around with pride all over the festive season and beyond. We would greatly recommended this Cat Grooming Toy, it’s so popular and can be found on Friday-Ad!


dog exmas



Dress your pal up in something that everyone will be in awe of this Christmas, although they are not guaranteed to like it, everyone else probably will, so we think it’s well worth it!



Kids are notoriously the most difficult to please, make sure you take note of this one, or you could spend the next 12 months regretting it and no one wants that…

Games Consoles


This is more for the lads admittedly, but you can’t really go wrong in buying a games console. They were popular in the 90’s, they are popular now and they will be for many years to come. We recommend buying a console in with a games bundle in order to get the best value for money, many of which you can find on Friday-Ad!

iPhone/iPod Accessories enhanced-buzz-364-1415979893-9


Let’s be honest, they’ve all got one nowadays, whether it’s the latest iPod or iPhone, Apple are taking over the world! So any child will be thrilled with a new gadget to go with their favourite toy, there are tonnes of crazy additions for Apple products that I bet you didn’t know existed, nor them so what better what to impress the younger generation?

Sports Equipment

nike-football-boots-size-8-14664543-1_800X600 (1)

Whether it be a new hockey stick or pair of fresh football boots, all kids adore new sports kit, especially items that will make them stand out from the crowd. So why not step up your game and get them something that they’ll be sure to remember? Thankfully on Friday-Ad we have hundreds of different sports equipment items listed, for bargain prices too that will wow the little ones.


All Round Winners

Splashing the cash this Christmas? Avoid those high priced fads that’ll be lost in the memory after a few months (Tamagotchis) and ensure you purchase something that’ll last and be truly appreciated, for example…



iPads have so many functions, they can be used for work, to watch movies, or even to play games on, not to mention many more. That is why they make for a perfect family gift, although no doubt you’ll all be fighting over who gets to use it most of the time! Their simplicity make them so easy to use for all ages, they also come in different sizes and ranges to fit the majority of tastes and price brackets.

Designer Handbags


This one’s for the ladies, we’ve been well informed that designer handbags go down an absolute treat and will keep you in your woman’s good books for the foreseeable future! You may have to spend a little extra cash for the real deal but, it’s well worth it! As the saying goes, you really do get what you pay for.


Getting the right presents for the festive season can be a real pain! But, we hope you found this article helpful and aids you in getting the best Christmas presents to date, there’s no better place online to find these kinds of gifts than the Friday-Ad website, where we offer high-street brands and products, for a fraction of the price.

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Friday-Ad’s Motors Around the World


On Friday-Ad we boast all kinds of incredible cars from across the globe for sale, from people carriers to sporty whips, there really isn’t a stone left unturned. We’ve managed to select our favourite few from each corner of the planet and everything in between.

Take a look below…
GERKicking things off we land in industrious Germany, on Friday-Ad we have many German motors, here are two of our favourite makes.


audi use

The iconic 4 ringed symbol that makes up the famous Audi logo that originated from Chemnitz, Germany. It has since become one of the most acclaimed motors in the world! Probably due to its incredible sleek look that is desirable to all ages, luxurious interior designs and a variety of powerful engines. Audis are incredibly technologically advanced machines, expect all the latest gadgets and sat nav options upon purchase. Not to mention the German efficiency we come to expect from anything ever produced in this hard working nation, Audis tick all of our boxes.


Mercedes Benz

new marc

Class personified. You certainly won’t look out of place at an A list event in a Mercedes Benz. Another German edition, Mercedes are top of the class in comfort, safety and driver assistance so expect nothing less than a solid, reliable motor, with the power to get you from A to B in flash. Arguably the stand out motor for luxury saloons that the likes of BMW, Lexus, Cadillac and even Jaguar aim to define themselves against, the Mercedes is currently a cut above the rest if you’re looking for that smooth, stylish saloon.



USAA quick trip across the Atlantic Ocean and we arrive in the land of opportunity, expect some meaty cars with some serious pace.



The world’s 5th largest automaker, Ford has an illustrious history. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, they went on to become one of the most profitable companies in the world, this doesn’t happen without creating a great product. The Ford Mustang is the essence of American muscle and is incredibly popular worldwide, who wouldn’t want to ‘cruise down the highway’ in this roaring beast? What makes Ford so unique is that they specialise across the board, providing affordable motors for almost everyone.




Our second American Motor was founded in the same year as its conterpart. Chevrolet are very similar to Ford in the respect that they offer a wide range of cars for many tastes, but that doesn’t mean they don’t specialise in something else. The Chevrolet Corvette is a personal favourite of ours, produced over seven generations, this American speedster is a huge hit all around the world, its rapid acceleration will leave other motorers biting the dust.


UKLet’s keep things close to home, these are our very best local produce found on the Friday-Ad website.


look at the mini

Times have moved on from the infamous ‘Mr Bean’ Mini, nowadays Minis provide us with stunning aesthetic whilst maintaining its original style. Incredibly popular, they are affordable and very stylish, not to mention a lot safer than previous models! The Cooper, shown here, is the most popular model, however if you’re looking for something more sizeable, Mini recently launched their Countryman range which is more of a people carrier style motor, but again like all Mini models, keeping a similar shape and style.


Land Rover

new landySpecialising in 4 wheel drive motors, don’t be fooled into thinking that Land Rovers are just farmer’s cars. In modern times Land Rovers are well known for their luxury that is desirable to all ages and tastes. Incredibly safe with an excellent attention to detail in terms of both performance and interior design, along with an image that has stuck over the years. It is this image that makes Land Rovers so special, not one to forget their roots, their heritage is forever embedded in their unique design.



Jumping ship to a new continent, we find ourselves in Japan, expect fuel efficient hi-tech machines!



Our first Asian instalment provides you with fun, cutting edge, futuristic designs that will make anyone look twice! Matched with this impressive fuel efficiency across the board, the Aygo model does an astounding 69 miles per gallon that’ll be sure to keep you ticking over. Not only fuel efficient, Toyota make great little city cars that are so much fun to drive. A Toyota provides you with maximum fun for minimum outlay!



nissanA different approach from this Japanese manufacturer. Nissan are the proud owners of the famous Skyline and GT-R models! Top Gear are quoted to say that the Nissan GT-R is ‘quite possibly the fastest car in the world to drive cross country’ quite the claim, but it certainly puts Nissan up there as one of the most powerful brands on the planet. Nissans on the whole make for excellent sturdy motors, that are ever reliable, some of which may hurt your neck a tad when you test out the acceleration though.



Vive la France, back to Europe we go, who wouldn’t like a bit of French class?


pepeAfter years of making little progress, Peugeot is now a big name on the motoring map, thanks to the likes of the classy new 208 model which won European car of the year. Peugeot make for excellent family cars, providing a lot of space and features that fit a sizeable family perfectly, such as adaptable seats and elongation of the boot space. Not forgetting the eloquent visuals the cars have to offer, creating a truly high-class looking body. 




Wonderful and affordable, Citroen enter the market with cheap cars that have a French charm. They provide great comfort, visibility and are very fuel efficient. The Citroen C4 is our personal favourite and makes for a fantastic family car, it only uses 74 miles per gallon too, so you will definitely get your moneys worth, priced at around £18,000 brand new they are also not too expensive but, we reckon you’ll be able to scoop one up much cheaper on the Friday-Ad website.



Jetting back to the East, we stop off at South Korea, who offer futuristic, fun and most importantly, affordable motors.


hyuHyundai create budget motors with a superior performance. One of the front runners in the race for the ‘Best City Car’ is their i10 model, it is Hyundai’s best offering due to its enhanced quality and spacious features, providing top quality comfort. The car also runs like a dream, is very fuel efficient and has wonderful responsive steering, no wonder it is dubbed as one of the best city cars of its generation.


AusLet the adventurer out in you! Dropping South to our final destination, Australia.


vauxOne of our more cheeky inclusions, the Australian Holdens are in fact made by the British company Vauxhall! None the less we thought we had to include them as they make for fantastic motors in all categories. Whether you’re looking for a pacey sprint from A to B or a comfortable ride for the family. Holdens (Vauxhalls) are an excellent choice for all tastes and preferences. Best of all they are very affordable, which gives them the edge in many respects. No wonder we had to sneak them in.



That concludes our Motors around the World tour, if you think we have missed anything feel free to get in touch via our Facebook or Twitter pages.

Additionally, if you like the look of any of these motors, take a look on the Friday-Ad website, where they are all currently listed to buy!

Friday-Ad’s Ultimate Guide To Brighton



Inhabiting over 270,000 people across the stunning southern coastline, the quirky city of Brighton is the ideal place for a fun filled day out, romantic trip or family holiday! There are so many things to try out and see, so it comes to no surprise to us that the city grows year on year with new full time residents aiming to capture the lifestyle that only Brighton can serve up.

Whether it be your first time or you are a thoroughbred Brightonian, it can sometimes prove difficult to decide exactly what takes your fancy, especially in a city with so many options! But not to worry, we’ve put in the hard yards and hand-picked a selection of Brighton’s very best, to suit a variety of ages and preferences. Our ‘Places to Stay’ section is ideal for first time visitors along with ‘Stag’ and ‘Hen Dos’ for those looking for something a little on the wild side. However, we aim to unearth some hidden gems that residents will love in our ‘Things for Couples’, ‘Family Days Out’ and ideas that won’t cost you a penny!

So what do you say? Take a look below and learn more about this fantastic and utterly unique city.



buttons_FAD_Eating outbuttons_FAD_Bars and clubsbuttons_FAD_Family days outbuttons_FAD_Things for couplesbuttons_FAD_Stag dosbuttons_FAD_Hen dosbuttons_FAD_Eventsbuttons_FAD_Shoppingbuttons_FAD_Places to staybuttons_FAD_Free stuff



Brighton has a vast selection of incredible places to eat, suiting every taste. We’ve somehow managed to narrow it down to a top 5, in no particular order…

The Coal Shed

Eating-out_coalshedLabels_Eating out 2

Located in the heart of Brighton. The Coal Shed is an award winning gourmet and seafood restaurant. Their method is simple, expertly cook the highest quality ingredients. Not only offering a seasonal a la carte menu, The Coal Shed also provide daily specials along with a value for money express lunch menu. For special occasions a private room can be booked with your own personal waiter. It is the astounding quality of food that makes The Coal Shed special, this hasn’t gone unnoticed – they were named as one of the best restaurants in the UK by the prestigious Observer Food Monthly Awards and have been recommended by The Telegraph, The Guardian and many more.

What Diners saysWe ate at The Coal Shed on Saturday whilst visiting Brighton. Recommended by a friend and we are so pleased they did! The Tuna Carpaccio was amazing as were the salmon fishcakes to start, followed by Rib eye Steak for two. The service brilliant and very informative. Great wine list and lovely atmosphere. Will return.Kells1980 via Tripadvisor

Website:            Telephone: 01273 322 998

Food For Friends

Eating-out_food-for-friendsLabels_Eating out 3This award winning vegetarian restaurant is situated in Brighton’s historic South Laines. Food For Friends offers honest cooking, using fresh produce which is totally home made, whilst supporting local suppliers. Food For Friends is so popular because of their balance of flavour and unusual combinations that you cannot find anywhere else. They also cater for all kinds of dietary needs, whether you’re vegan or gluten intolerant, Food For Friends will have a variety of dishes for you to choose from. They recently earned a position in the Good Food Guide, along with winning runner-up as the Best Ethical Restaurant in the UK. These are just a couple of reasons for you to come and see what all the fuss is about.

What the Diner saysCarnivores often say a meat-free meal leaves them feeling unsatisfied, even hungry. They surely won’t find that here. We left with waistbands tight as drum skins. In 33 years at the vanguard of vegetarian dining, Food for Friends has honed to practised perfection its combination of startlingly inventive menus and matey, unfussy service. Sometimes being green is easier than you think’. Sussex Life

Website:               Telephone: 01273 202 310

Curry Leaf Cafe

Eating-out_curryleafLabels_Eating out 1

Serving up a slice of South Indian street life, just a stone’s throw away from Brighton’s iconic seafront, Curry Leaf Cafe is a real hit. Whether you’re looking for a snack or a four course meal, their attentive staff will provide you with whatever you fancy, accompanied by a range of craft beers and wines. The brick walled and muslin draped room creates a cosy meets exotic atmosphere which enhances the authentic Indian experience. Recent awards include, Best Newcomer 2014 and UK’s top 10 ‘flexitarian’ restaurants, which is probably why locals and visitors alike return again and again.

What the Diner saysThis was our first visit to the Curry Leaf Cafe but we had heard very good things about it and it certainly lived up to expectations. The service and food and drink were both excellent. I can particularly recommend the Sea Bass!’ Mrs C via Tripadvisor

Website:                Telephone: 01273 207 070


Eating-out_mediterraneoLabels_Eating out 5

A family business, dedicated to serving you authentic Sicilian food. With traditional Italian cooking methods passed down through the generations, Mediterraneo provides customers with not only nutritious but exquisite gourmet delicacies which evoke all the senses. The friendly staff will make you feel welcome from the minute you walk through the door. You select your meal from an affordable three course menu containing pasta and meat dishes along with a few Sicilian specials. The service at Mediterrano is second to none, the staff will cater to your needs throughout, making your experience one to remember!

What the Diner saysMy friends booked Mediterraneo for 13 of us for my birthday. We had the whole place to ourselves. Fantastic food, delicious wine, excellent service, beautiful decor and intimate ambience. We had 2 toddlers with us too which were well looked after with high chairs and half portions. Strongly recommend this venue. Looking forward to going again.’ Lottie N via Tripadvisor           Telephone:01273 674 350


Eating-out_garsLabels_Eating out 4

Gars pride themselves on not only great food and service but also on the restaurant’s impressive image. They are able to create a contemporary oriental atmosphere through the likes of polished bamboo flooring and bespoke modern silk shades. Arranged over three floors, each with a different function, Gars is a true modern day establishment. As for the food, the evolving menu represents their modern culture however, they do serve many old favourites, such as the sizzling tenderloin pork fillets in sweet and sour sauce. The friendly staff will guide you through many of the mouth watering dishes which are second nature to them, ensuring your dining experience is unforgettable.

What the Diner saysOne of the best Chinese restaurants I have ever been to. Yes, it may be slightly more money than your average Chinese restaurant or take-away, however if you want good quality non-greasy Chinese food, it is definitely worth every penny! Also they have a great downstairs room which is available to hire for occasions such as birthdays or parties, it has its own bar and also karaoke for after the meal, its great!!!’ Jess W via Tripadvisor

Website:                 Telephone: 01273 321 321



Brighton really is the social hub of the south, with a wide variety of locations to have a drink and relax or party the night away. There’s something to suit everyone…


Bars-and-clubs_shooshhLabels__Bars and clubs 2

Brighton’s one and only VIP super nightclub, offering three main clubbing events on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can make your night extra special with the booking of private rooms, booths or even the platinum lounge, these packages contain access to the VIP section, drinks and a private waitress. Shooshh has regular celebrity guest appearances with the likes of Professor Green and Zane Lowe, making it a main attraction for all kinds of party goers.

What people sayI went there on a Saturday, had a VIP Booth booked. I Was welcomed by VIP manager who was very nice, the VIP area was lovely we had our own waitress, I felt like a king! Music was great. The door staff were lovely, they looked after my drunk friend even helped us to our car. It was just a wonderful night. I have been to a lot of nightclubs but, Shooshh is definitely the best nightclub I have ever been to in Brighton!! Will go again & again’ Ezekiel20 via Tripadvisor

Website:                 Telephone: 01273 202 807

The Haunt

Bars-and-clubs_the-hauntLabels__Bars and clubs 5

Located opposite Brighton’s famous pier, The Haunt is an old converted cinema consisting of a sizeable main room with a raised stage, along with a bar and big screen overlooked by a mezzanine level floor with a balcony and bar upstairs. A popular venue with locals, not just for club nights but also live music, The Haunt has been able to lure top class acts such as The XX and Foster The People to perform, so it’s no surprise that it’s often rammed. ‘It is still 1985’ is the Haunts most acclaimed night, being dubbed as Brighton’s ‘most exciting night out’.

What people sayThe sound system was sparkly, especially for a venue with a balcony overhanging most of the main floor. It was upgraded in 2011, and, to judge from the clarity even at the back of the balcony, it was money well spent. As a gig venue, it’s perfectly serviceable. Being a stone’s throw from Brighton Pier and The Lanes helps in the atmospheric-location stakes.’ Via The Guardian

Website:       Telephone: 01273 736 618

The Latest Music Bar

Bars-and-clubs_latest-musicLabels__Bars and clubs 1

If you’re looking for something a bit different then head up to this sought after party venue, it is a real hit with the locals. Visitors to The Latest Music Bar are treated to an engaging evening of high-quality entertainment from a wide array of live performances. There’s sure to be something that’ll catch your eye, from gigs to comedy shows, they’ll never fail to entertain you. The people who have performed here recently include, The Kooks, Ben Howard, Rizzle Kicks and Newton Faulkner.

What people sayAs well as hosting interesting live bands and jazz performances (Amy Winehouse and Herbie Flowers have performed here) this trendy party venue stages tongue-in-cheek sleaze evenings, and comedy line-ups. Housed in a beautiful listed building decorated with a great gallery of rock photographs. Makes for a fun night out.’ Via The Telegraph

Website:              Telephone: 01273 687117


Bars-and-clubs_pattersLabels__Bars and clubs 3

Until recently this seafront favourite was known as Audio, but has undergone a full makeover, upgrading its sound system, it is now open seven days a week. House, techno and all shades of electronic forward thinking music is what’s on offer at Patterns and since its re-launch has continued to grow. Fridays and Saturdays are two of the most popular nights, seeing the bar and club fuse into one large super venue. With a friendly crowd and great music its no real surprise to anyone that this Brighton venue is well and truly on the clubbing map.

What people sayHaving been to more than my fair share of club nights and promoting plenty over the years, it is a pleasure to have a night like this one at Patterns. Massively up for it crowd and a really interesting set made for a great night, with Psychemagik carrying on until 4.30am – lovely edition of Disco Deviant!’ Paul Budd via Skiddle

Website:             Telephone: 01273 894777



Bohemia serves up the best cocktails in town, artistic and beautiful drinks that will confuse and tantalise your taste buds. They employ professionally trained bar staff to a standard that Brighton had yet to see, creating a classy, enjoyable service that you will be sure to love. The relaxing vibe makes it the perfect place to have a drink with a few friends after a long day at the office or a day spent sightseeing in our famous city.

What people sayIf you are after a classy venue to have some drinks with friends then this is THE place to go! The cocktails are sublime and the staff are very charming, smartly dressed and attentive. The décor is also beautiful (I almost want to say Art Deco ish) and with smooth, vintage (20’s – 40’s) music playing, it really is a great place to relax after a long day shopping.’ ll_butcher via TripAdvisor

Website:                 Telephone: 01273 77770



One of the hardest occasions to organise, thankfully Brighton is a playground in every sense of the word! There’s so many fun activities for all the family to enjoy…

Brighton Pier

Family-days-out_pierLabels__Family days out 2

The famous Brighton pier has a selection of all kinds of activities for all the family to enjoy. Thrilling rides, a sizeable arcade and many different food and drink stalls make up the Victorian tourist attraction. There are also regular events on show if you’re looking for that bit extra, such as the Mod Weekender and the CatFish Kings Band. A daily wristband is on offer to get you into all of the attractions, which we greatly advise as this will save you a great deal of money as the day goes on.

What people sayThe pier is fun and there is lots to do. We started off on the rides (get an all day wristband if you’re going on a few rides as each ride is VERY expensive and you are going to save money with the wristband). I’m not a rides person as I don’t enjoy heights but there are rides suitable for everyone – merry go round, helter skelter, dodgems and fast, high and upside down rides (which i avoided). The staff were happy and friendly. We spent a long time in the arcades on the pier and got some food. The food stalls stay open late and it is delicious. Thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent in Brighton!’ Vicky W via Tripadvisor

Website:               Telephone: 01273 609361

Royal Pavilion

Family-days-out_pavillonLabels__Family days out 3

This ‘Seaside Palace’ has always been a huge hit with both locals and tourists of Brighton, known as one of the most spectacular and exotic buildings in Great Britain, displaying fine art and furniture and even original pieces lent by the Queen. The Royal Pavilion Tearoom, overlooks the beautiful pavilion gardens, which are also open to the public to sit and have picnics in. Impressively, multimedia guides are available in various languages, another reason why tourists cannot resist the palace’s lure. Locals also receive 50% off admission, which keeps them coming back time after time.

What people sayI have never seen so much opulence housed within a building of such grandeur, the splendour on show here is really to be marvelled at.As a resident of Brighton you can get a wonderful 50% discount on your entry fee, but even without the discount I would recommend a visit here. You get a free audio tour with every entry fee, and would strongly advise you to take the tour to hear the rich and intriguing history of this iconic Brighton landmark. Of all the exquisite rooms you’ll see on the tour, possibly my favourite is the grand hall. Resplendent with dragons and palm leaf chandelier, they really have to be seen to be believed.The cafe here is a nice treat, with a lovely terrace overlooking the gardens perfect for tea on a sunny afternoon.’ Tom C via Yelp

Website:         Telephone: 0300 029 0900

Sea Life Centre

Family-days-out_sealifeLabels__Family days out 5

A perfect day out for the family, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the vast array of different sea life creatures on display at the Sea Life centre. The sizeable complex will fascinate all the ages, whether you’re a fan of the spooky deep ocean creatures or you’re just trying to find Nemo, there’s something for everyone. To make the most of your day make sure you head down to the underground lagoon where you are able to walk through a glass tunnel looking up at all of the wonderful turtles and sharks alike.

What people say ‘A trip to the Sea Life Centre is a great family day out come rain or shine. You can explore everything the seven seas have to offer, without actually getting wet. If you do want to dip your toes – or at least, fingers – head straight to the interactive rockpool, where you can touch a starfish, stroke a crab and spot the smallest fish. The most striking attraction may be the spectacular 170,000-gallon lagoon, which comes with a glass-bottom boat. Sat aboard, you can enjoy a snorkeller’s-eye view of marine life, and say hello to 74-year-old green turtles Lulu and Gulliver – as well as Jersey the loggerhead turtle, who is at least 63. Sharks circle ominously below – but don’t worry, they won’t bite. There are seven different types, but even Nursie the nurse shark – all two metres of her – can’t nibble you through the thick glass.The Daily Mail

Website:             Telephone: 01273 604234


Family-days-out_lazerLabels__Family days out 1

Not for the faint hearted, you’ll be transported into a dark room pitted against multiple enemies to take down. A thrilling, fun and most importantly safe activity for the entire family to enjoy. The accommodating staff are always on hand to ensure the game runs smoothly and safely. LaserZone has a great layout over two floors and offers team-orientated games, however extras are on offer make it that bit more special. Including the ability to take ‘in-game’ photographs with the built in camera in a secret location in the ‘battlezone’ and scorecards given on completion of each round containing stats such as your accuracy and kill to death ratio.

What people sayBeyond the Airlock lies a forgotten land filled with swirling smoke, strange sounds, flashing lights… and ENEMIES! Stalk your opponents with state-of-the-art laser packs and phasors. Use stealth, cunning, strategy and skill to score points and destroy the bases in our multi-level arena.Ideal for players of all ages; birthday parties, family fun, corporate entertainment, youth groups and much more. On your own or with friends, you’ll have a blast!Visit Brighton

Website:       Telephone01273 227744

Jungle Rumble Adventure Golf 

Family-days-out_rumbleLabels__Family days out 4

Let the adventurer out in you! Brighton’s premiere ‘crazy golf’ attraction is hugely popular and it’s no surprise why. Situated on the beach, it is easily accessible and on a beautiful summer’s day it makes for the perfect activity in between your family shenanigans. There are two courses on offer, both of which are very easy to pick up and play, so it doesn’t matter if you’re Tiger Woods or Mr Bean we’re sure you’ll be up to standard and have a spectacular time!  

What people say ‘This is a new attraction in Brighton situated by the Peter Pan playground on the seafront. There are two different courses available one at a higher level above ground than the offer. Makes a change from the more conventional golf nearer the pier but it is more expensive.’ BadTravellerSurrey Via TripAdvisor

Website:                 Telephone: 01273 694718



Looking to spend some quality time with your other half? You’re bound to find something to fit your taste in these wonders that Brighton has to offer…


Things-for-couples_choccywoccyLabels__Things For Couples 1

A totally unique chocolaterie with a focus on art and design. Choccywoccydoodah specialise in one off sculptured fantasies (their shop is full of them), incredible wedding cakes and absolutely anything chocolate, you’d struggle to think of something they haven’t or cannot make upon a visit. Take a seat in the lavish Bar Du Chocolat and feed each other chocolate delicacies until your heart’s content, you might even see one of Choccywoccydoodah’s famous clientele while you’re in there if you’re lucky.

What people say ‘Choccywoccydoodah is a chocolate lovers dream. Enjoy delicious handmade cakes from the master cake makers as well as a variety of hot drinks and chocolate in many forms! Take a seat in the lavishly decorated cafe and feed each other chocolatey treats until your hearts content. Choccywoccydoodah is known for its celebrity clientèle including David Hasselhoff, Whoopi Goldberg and Jackie Collins so keep your eyes peeled, you never know who you might meet!We Love Brighton

Website:           Telephone: 01273 329462

The Brighton Wheel

wheelLabels__Things For Couples 2

Take in the beautiful Brighton views on the city’s wheel, giving a panoramic picture of the famous city and coastline. We recommend opting for the VIP package, a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion, accompanied with a commentary about Brighton’s remarkable history from Steve Coogan. This package also includes usage of the exclusive VIP lounge, 6 rotations of the wheel and comfortable VIP capsule. On a romantic summer’s evening we cannot think of a more fitting way to round off a special day with your other half. Our favourite packages include the special champagne and wine offers, making the experience that much more special and at an affordable price too!

What people sayManaged to persuade my friend to go on this with me. Its a bit scary at first right at the top, but I got used to it and the views are lovely. Each pod has a commentary about Brighton and is fitted with a button to press if you need help or are unwell. It costs £8 per adult but I think its worth it. Photos are taken outside and inside the pod. You have an option to buy them at the end. They cost £20 and for that you get a book telling the history of Brighton along with the photos. You also get a key ring and fridge magnet with your photo on. You can also download your photos to share with friends and family using the code given. I would go on this ride again.’ Covkids68 via TripAdvisor

Website:            Telephone: 01273 722822

Theatre Royal

theatre newLabels__Things For Couples 5

This historic Grade II listed theatre offers a wide range of musicals, plays, opera and ballet over the course of the year. The venue is relatively small which creates a special ambience with the audience that is not found in larger venues. It is in fact one of the oldest theatres in Great Britain and showcases some wonderful architectural designs and fascinating art pieces. If you’re looking to make your experience that more special, we recommend booking a private box for two, high above the main crowd and accompanied by champagne and chocolates.

What people sayWent to the theatre to see ‘East is East’. I booked last minute and got some great seats at the back of the stalls, as it’s only a small theatre the view was still very good and for the price it was brilliant value. The theatre has some good shows and lots that have come straight from the west end. Great seating in the stalls, ice creams and drinks are served in the intervals and there are a selection of  bars to get drinks. Would highly recommend a visit if you’re in Brighton.’ Paul W via TripAdvisor

Website:            Telephone: 0844 871 7627


Things-for-couples_byocLabels__Things For Couples 4

This naughty little bar cannot be seen by the naked eye, hidden below ‘Juice Bar’ you’d be forgiven if you missed it. Head down the stairs and before know it it’ll feel like you’ve jumped back to a time when alcohol was illegal and drinking had to be done in a secret underground bar. BYOC is filled with vintage décor such as candlelit tables and hanging glassware creating an authentic feel. Unlike other bars, at BYOC you bring a bottle of favourite tipple and the talented mixologist will make you cocktails to your pleasing directly at your table!

What people sayJust the kind of cocktail bar that Brighton have been craving. Not that other cocktail bars in Brighton don’t promise plenty of creativity and panache because we love you and you totally do, but BYOC seems to boast nothing that the rest of them do, the customers complete and utter input. ‘Bring your own bottle of booze’ they silently heckle from their underground den of cocktail debauchery. With a silent cinema, brass laden cocktail trolleys, speakeasy secrecy and punchy bar staff to boot? We’re swooning all over the shop.’ Review via Design My Night

Webite:              Telephone: 020 3441 2424

Brighton Scenic 

Things-for-couples_brighton-scenic  Labels__Things For Couples 3

Feeling Brave? Soar through the Sussex sky in this adrenaline fuelled excursion. Along with the thrills, you will be able to see the beautiful city of Brighton from above as well as the stunning South Downs (if you manage to keep your eyes open). Your private pilot will act as a knowledgeable guide to the area, ensuring that the flight is as enjoyable and exciting as possible!

What people sayA fantastic experience I’d recommend to all. Margaret was most helpful in making the booking before the flight via e-mail, an experienced pilot who provided and smooth, comfortable flight and knowledgeable host giving interesting information on places and buildings we saw on the way. I am certain I want to spend some time in and around Brighton to explore some of the place she mentioned, next time I visit England.’ Arsenio Nunes via Facebook

Website:              Telephone: 07918 902721



Creating the ultimate stag do can be a tricky task at the best of times, but in Brighton there’s so many different kinds of activities to get stuck into! Take a look…

Rendezvous Casino

Stag-dos_casinoLabels__Stag Dos 2

This Vegas style casino is based in the Brighton Marina, Rendezvous really has something to cater for all of your needs, from a splendid restaurant, a sizeable bar, a huge playing area over two floors including multiple blackjack and roulette tables along with slot machines. Not to forget a huge poker area on the first floor which hosts regular events for more serious players. The best part about the casino though are the packages it offers for special occasions like stags dos such as the ‘Taste of Vegas’ package where an experienced dealer takes your through the tricks of the trade along with other special extras.

What people sayVery nice casino on the South coast. I’m a fan of the Rendezvous casino on Brighton’s marina complex. It’s got a really nice feel to it over 2 floors, valet parking and friendly staff. Good choice of games and a decent bar and restaurant and just all-round nice! Slots UK

Website:           Telephone: 0127 376 1208

Team Sport Go Karting

Stag-dos_kartingsLabels__Stag Dos 1

Enjoy a fast and furious day at the Team Sport Go Karting indoor track. You’re bound to have an adrenalin fuelled time whizzing around the 450 metre track in their 200cc karts. Booking a stag is especially easy with their excellent group packages, you’ll have maximum fun for minimum outlay! A full brief on all the rules and health and safety regulations ensures the day runs as smoothly as possible, before spending however long you’ve booked for bombing about pretending you’re Lewis Hamilton. The day ends with a debrief where you will see who performed best and steps up to the winning podium.

What people sayWe’ve been go karting here 3 times now and cannot recommend it highly enough! The first time we went to celebrate a birthday and ended up buying the return vouchers on the day twice so that we could come back and do it all over again. The staff are very attentive and want to ensure everyone is having fun. I felt that we were all looked after and very safe. The briefing video was comprehensive and backed up by the staff. There are good facilities such as a nice bar/snack area and changing rooms and a great viewing gallery. The karts are fast and fun – great little circuit! Loved it and we will be back.’ Xwhylander via TripAdvisor            Telephone:0844 998 0000

Bubble Football

Stag-dos_bubble-footballLabels__Stag Dos 5

A new ‘sport’ that’s taking over our football loving country, Bubble Football is lauded as one of the most enjoyable group activities for a stag do! A simple idea really, it’s a game of football with a twist… Immerse yourself inside a human size plastic ball with just your legs popping out to make contact with the football (if you’re ever that lucky). Send your opponents or even team mates flying across the pitch in this free for all combat that’s got the nation raving.

What people sayWe arrived at the Sports Centre and were greeted by one of the organisers, who supplied us with knee pads which were compulsory and I’m glad we wore them. Note, most companies wouldn’t supply these. We played about 10-15 minutes of Football and was absolutely exhausting, but so much fun. I think the ball only moved about 3 or 4 times. We then had a 5 minute break.The organizers have water and energy drinks available to purchase for £1 each. We then played bulldog, with the stag in the middle. Followed by many other fun games. Groups of 6 – 12 would be a good number. We had 7 and had a great laugh! The 1 hour experience was so much fun, with everyone still talking about it! The company are very organized and were a pleasure to deal with!’ ShaneMarsh88 Via TripAdvisor 

Website:               Telephone: 01273 832383

Beer Tasting with the Craft Beer Company

Stag-dos_beerLabels__Stag Dos 4

Release the sophisticated stag in you, or not as the case may be as the evening progresses. Not your standard stuff here, only the very best 5 star craft beers are on offer, which will be served by one of the Craft Beer Company’s knowledgeable managers, who will also lead the tasting session. Taken through the varying styles, flavours and aromas of each beer making you feel like a true connoisseur. Participation is fully encouraged which makes for an amusing experience, even if you may be feeling a little worse for wear the morning after.

What people say ‘Pre-booked and paid a beer tasting session for 5 on a Friday evening. Our guide through this adventure was the magnificent Kjarten, a man whose knowledge of beer making and history would stead him a candidate for Mastermind. Fantastic ale selection (tried 5) wonderful food (mega burger and awesome chips), I only wish this place was on my doorstep.’ Mark B via TripAdvisor

Website:            Telephone: 01273 723736

A Day at the Races

Stag-dos_horseridingLabels__Stag Dos 3

A day at the races is a great lads day out, who knows if you play your cards right you could end up leaving with more money than what you came in with! However we doubt that’ll happen, especially with all of what’s on offer here. Brighton Racecourse hosts regular events for you to chose from, all of which will make for a great stag. We recommend booking a box for that special occasion which comes with special packages that’ll cater to your needs.

What people say ‘This Racecourse is much more than just horse racing. It has a great restaurant called Silks. It has an La a carte menu to help you enjoy the great views from the windows. There is the long bar where a jug of Pimms can be enjoyed. There are other food outlets as well. There is 18 suites to hire. A day delegate catering packages with bespoke menus. Free parking for 1,500 cars!’ George2244 via Yelp

Website:              Telephone: 01273 603580



So you’ve been given the responsibility of being Maid of Honour? The list of possibilities is endless, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to Brighton’s top 5…

Lucky Voice

Hen-dos_lucky-voiceLabels__Her Dos- 1-

This famous karaoke bar is absolutely perfect for a hen do, regularly turning shy women into instant pop stars! Book your squad a private booth where you can choose what to sing and party down to from thousands of songs with their regularly updated hi-tech database. You’ll be able to order drinks from within your private booth and a waiter will bring them over for you throughout the evening. This venue is often booked well in advance as it is extremely popular for hen dos so make sure you do so as it will most definitely be a night to remember!

What people say ‘Lucky Voice Brighton is best known for its karaoke but those in the know head to the venue’s separate late night subterranean bar even when they’re not in the mood for grabbing a mic and belting out Madge classics. The bar itself is small and intimate with low lighting, no natural light and dark furnishings making it just as suited to a first date as it is to a night out with a group of friends. Lucky Voice is a breath of fresh air. And, thanks to its fun combination of karaoke and cocktails in stylish surroundings it’s hitting all the right notes.View Brighton

Website:          Telephone: 01273 715770

Treatment Rooms

Hen-dos_treatment-roomsLabels__Her Dos- 2

Indulge yourself and your hens with a fabulously relaxing time in the Treatment Rooms. The Treatment Rooms is Brighton’s largest beauty salon. They provide a large range of very detailed specific treatments to choose from, whether it be a Swedish Massage or a Luxury Mattifying Skin Facial you’ll be bound to find something to suit your tastes. Winner of Good Spa Guide’s best spa for the South East (as voted for by the public) you know you’ll be getting the finest service.

What people sayI’m a regular client of the Treatment Rooms so can vouch for their services over time. Their staff are friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and when it comes to the specific treatments, very proficient although there are specialists so it helps to be clear on your specific wants/needs such as masseuse pressure, expectation and concerns as the reception staff may be able to guide you on a preferred specialist who better fits your needs. There are cheaper alternatives but my experiences have always left me feeling that you get what you pay for and that means I get real value from my sessions at the Treatment Rooms.’ markwH5399EK via TripAdvisor

Website:            Telephone: 01273 818444

Bar 76 

Hen-dos_barLabels__Bars and clubs 5

The hen capital of Brighton, can you really have a hen party without going to Bar 76? It comes as no surprise it’s hugely popular, choices include cocktail making,  pole dancing and even nude life drawing classes! Bar 76 has everything you could possibly need and imagine for the ultimate partying hen do! One night here could make a story to last a lifetime, although maybe not one you’ll be sharing it with the grandchildren. Additionally, as you can imagine Bar 76 is absolutely jam packed with women so it makes for a great Stag Do alternative as well! What more could you want?

What people say I was very lucky to have my mum book this place for my Hen do this weekend. There was 12 of us in a group and we were booked into cocktail making. Our barman Charlie was brilliant, the place was amazing and all the bar staff were so welcoming to all of us. The food was great as well which you don’t usually expect in a bar, but I literally couldn’t fault this place. We danced the night away to brilliant music and I really couldn’t have asked for anything better for my Hen.’ Lehann8 via TripAdvisor

Website:           Telephone: 07761 166300


Hen-dos_metrodecoLabels__Her Dos- 4

Another classic Brighton original, a quirky but unbelievably stylish little cafe perfect. It’s perfect for a sophisticated hen trip and is renowned for its fantastic customer service and vintage décor. Metrodeco’s beautiful layout makes you feel as if you have turned back the clock 80 years and feels completely authentic, you will not find anything like it through the city, the food isn’t too bad either with a selection of teas and gorgeous platters. Take your girls here and they will not be disappointed!

What people sayMetrodeco is a vintage styled tea salon with a nod to the 1930’s. Why not come and indulge in their popular afternoon tea or just enjoy one of their own blends of tea in decadent surroundings. The menu includes freshly made sandwiches, light lunches and platters which are served on Friday and Saturday evenings. They also have a great selection of boutique gins and a very popular range of tea infused cocktails. A little quirky, pretty stylish, very friendlyVisit Brighton

Website:       Telephone: 01273 677243

The Party Bus

Hen-dos_partybusLabels__Her Dos- 3

The party never ends with the infamous party bus, expect the unexpected and a wild night. It stops off at all of Brighton’s best pubs, bars and clubs while in between keeping the party going aboard the world famous ‘Party Bus’. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a DJ you can play your own tunes to keep your hens happy throughout your time on the bus. A must do for the more wild hen parties, which we know deep down a lot of you are.

What people sayI was blown away by the amount of fun I had. This is something you must do in Brighton. The bus was full of energy. Ended up making new friends too! We were able to play our own music on the bus too which was a nice touch. the bars were good and the drinks deals helped me save money. I couldn’t imagine doing this on my own, me and my friends LOVED IT! The journey was good too as we spent enough time on the bus to party. IT WAS AMAZING!!!’ Dj M via TripAdvisor

Website:          Telephone: 0845 838 5400



Some of the worlds most unique events take place in Brighton every year! Some of which you need to see to believe, you’re going to love these…

Pride Festival 

Events_prideLabels_ALL_Events 5 (1)

Probably Brighton’s most famous event, definitely its most lavish and arguably the most entertaining. A festival to celebrate the LGBT community, although everyone is welcome to come to the event and add to the great day! Pride consists of a parade through the city along with multiple street parties and a huge festival in Preston Park, which has many acts in different tents, rides and attractions. One thing you won’t be is bored. The city comes to life at Pride, you can feast your eyes on almost anything there, plenty of people dress up, the crowd is generally very friendly and welcoming, creating a great atmosphere. Probably one of the more eye opening days out you will ever have, but one of the most enjoyable.

What people sayPride began at 11am on Saturday with an entertaining parade of various marchers and floats. Huge sound systems playing favourites from Lady Gaga and Madonna accompanied marchers in their array of costumes as they paraded through the streets of Brighton for all to see, creating a positive and highly contagious atmosphere for all involved. Once inside the party did certainly kick off. On entering, you were first struck by the Girls on Top Pop Tent, with smoke and music blasting out.  Walking around the park, there was a fantastically inclusive and celebratory atmosphere, with visitors young and old and of all backgrounds participating – some in drag, surprisingly many with their pet dogs (for a more exciting walk than usual) and even more face painted, tattooed, glittered and wearing the LGBT flag in outrageous style. Brighton Pride brought excitement and festivities to Preston Park. Pride’s lively, welcoming atmosphere continued on into the night, following a successful event with a true festival-like feel (minus the mud); and if you weren’t there, be sure to make sure you don’t miss out on the fun next year!Wessex Scene

Website:           Telephone: 01273 775 939

Shakedown Festival

Events_shakedown (1)Labels_ALL_Events 3 (1)

Brighton’s premier music festival, a one day event which attracts people from far and wide, situated just outside Brighton’s town centre. It is very easy to get to and despite the festival’s no camping policy there are plenty of places to stay close by. Shakedown boasts a wide range of genres, from indie rock to rap, this year’s highlights included Sigma and Example, but there were many more to choose from, all of which were hugely popular. If all this isn’t quite enough for you there are always numerous after parties held throughout the city made especially for the festival goers, which will keep you going long into the night!

What people sayBrighton’s biggest annual music festival began in 2011. Originally scheduled for July, the first festival was moved to September. Being one of the last festivals of the year, means it’s fraught with risk. Will people have spent all their money going to other festivals during the summer? What will the weather be like? Those are just two questions that must cause endless headaches for the organisers. Judging by the attendance, neither the timing nor the weather proved detractions. Shakedown was heaving and it certainly appeared – by some margin – to be the biggest so far. Whilst Brighton’s Rizzle Kicks were the headliners, in all probability, they weren’t the big draw. Undeniably, what attracted so many people was the atmosphere and the festival’s focus on dance acts.BN1 Magazine

Website:              Telephone: 0333 321 9999

Brighton and Hove Food and Drink Festival

Events_food-and-drink (2)Labels_ALL_Events 4 (1)

A food connoisseur’s dream land, a collection of Brighton’s finest restaurants with a few exotic guests. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be leaving full to the brim. The festival has the ethos that both local and good food should be accessible for everyone and usually attracts around 160,000 consumers. So if this is your cup of tea make sure you don’t miss out, with events running every Easter, May, August and December.

What people sayHow can you possibly give an event like this anything less than 5 stars? Unless you were unfortunate enough to have some kind of allergic reaction to one of the many dishes you may have stuffed your face with over this month of indulgence. All Brighton’s finest restaurants, food stores and local produce suppliers celebrate with mini-festivals, demonstrations, events and tables of free samples to keep you coming back for more every day. There’s something magical about a whole city coming together in the name of epicureanism, don’t you think?’ Angela B Via Yelp

Website:               Telephone: 01273 77 00 44

Paddle Round the Pier

Events_paddle (1)Labels_ALL_Events 1 (1)

One of a kind, this unique charity festival grows year on year. The name gives away the location, situated on the beautiful promenade beaches. The perfect place to watch the events that give the festival its name, which include team and individual distance races along with the renowned paddle race between the two piers. Sundays always produce the hugely popular ‘paddle something unusual’ where you will be able to feast your eyes on all kinds of creative, imaginative ‘boats’ and ‘boards’. A fantastic family event which the sun always seems to come out for!

What people say Paddle has always appealed to surfers and water sports enthusiasts, but it seems we just can’t stop people wanting to get involved. With all the usual suspects, from surfing, stand up paddle boarding, kayaking, skating, windsurfing and free running, to all new sports like Surf Life Saving, land paddling, Kitesurfing and freestyle mountain biking‚ now everyone wants a piece of the pie.Superboarder Mag


Brighton Fringe Festival

brighton fringe new (1)Labels_ALL_Events 2 (1)

It may take you by surprise that Brighton Fringe is England’s largest arts festival and in fact one of the largest in the world! They aim to entertain a wide and diverse audience with a vast array of acts so you’re bound to find something to tickle your fancy! Although it’s in size, over 50% of the participants are local. The festival actively encourages the arts to flourish within the local community and there are no restrictions to participants. If you manage to find time for this fantastic event we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

What people sayBrighton Fringe is much more than just a festival, It is an arts movement, tailor-made by the people who perform and create within it. As such it unquestionably reflects the cultural consciousness of the time. It is inspiring to witness not only the range of work on offer, but just how many more people are now coming to see it. Uncensored and uncurated – it’s like the Wild West of the arts. I can’t wait to see how it develops next year’ Julian Caddy via The Stage



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Brighton is the home of quirky one of shops that will have you transfixed but also has hundreds of high street brands for you to delve into…

Churchill Square

Shopping_churchill (1)Labels__Shopping 2 (1)

Brighton’s premier shopping centre, a five minute walk away from the train station and multiple car parks makes it easily accessible. Churchill Square is home to many hight street stores such as Topshop and Foot Locker but also all kinds of shops to fit your needs, such as an Apple Store and Thorntons. Churchill Square isn’t just two floors of shops, the centre’s top floor has a large food court for you to have a quick break between the hours you invest in retail therapy. All this variety under one roof make for a great shopping day out.

What people sayChurchill Square shopping centre is Brighton’s main undercover shopping centre, most of the big names in stores and shops are represented here. it also has it’s own Food Court on the top floor, all the stores are spacious and easy to navigate. The HMV Store was big and items very easy to find. very good retail therapy throughout the centre for all the shopaholics among you!

Website:        Telephone: 01273 327428

Gresham Blake

Shopping_gresh (1)Labels__Shopping 3 (1)

Unparalleled style and class, bespoke men’s tailoring and unique designs that will have you transfixed, Gresham Blake is a cut above the rest. Located in the heart of Brighton’s busy North Laines. If you’re looking for a sophisticated stylish outfit that you can’t take your eyes off, there’s no better place in Brighton than Gresham Blake.

What people say ‘I was in there only yesterday, actually. It was the shoes in the window that drew me in. When I asked who made them up for them, the helpful assistant said immediately informed me and guided me through everything Gresham Blake. I’d say they’re pretty individual. The suits and shirts are really very fashion forward and they’re keen on bright linings’ Via Ask Andy About Clothes

Website:          Telephone number: 01273 609 587

Dirty Harry

Shopping_dirity-harry (1)Labels__Shopping 1 (1)

Vintage with a capital V, this shop is the essence of Brighton’s unique quirky culture that you’ll struggle to find elsewhere in the UK. Individual clothes that are of a high quality are on offer here. The staff are particularly helpful and extremely friendly to all customers which is an added bonus, completing what is a great exclusive shopping experience.

What people sayReally friendly and helpful staff, who I think go above and beyond that of other vintage shops in the area! I was trying to find a particular item and the guy behind the counter, stopped what he was doing and went through all the boots trying to help me! Great quality, affordable stuff here! Massive fan of the staff and products here at Dirty Harry!’ via Yelp

Website:      Telephone: 01273 607527


Shopping_juju (1)Labels__Shopping 5 (2)

Not adverse to a spot of publicity, Ju Ju were the creators of a set of rather cheeky children’s t-shirts that made their way into nationwide newspapers and were even discussed on television shows like ‘Loose Women’. However, the shop is an extremely fun and friendly place to be, with a range of top store brands at affordable prices, it is no surprise that it’s hugely popular. World famous for their appearance on the BBC’s Mary Portas’s ‘Mary Queen of Shops’ television show, Ju-Ju continues to go from strength to strength and is a firm favourite of ours.

What people sayJu-Ju’ has been going for 20 years and is run by a lovely couple, who make you feel at ease and are two of the most honest shopkeepers I’ve ever met. The clothes are typically Brighton – eccentric and edgy, but modest. They have a great vintage rack, but the majority of the store is labels – like Cheap Monday, whose jeans wash like a dream! The prices are on a Topshop level – and the clothes you get there are better quality than many of the Topshop labels. Ju-Ju’s is the sort of place that you’d go if you want something that stands out, but still fits into the quirky Brighton fashion scene.’ Pippa M via Yelp

Website:               Telephone: 01273 673161

Jaba Yard

Shopping_jabayard (1)Labels__Shopping 4 (1)

The customer service is second to none at The Jaba Yard, the staff are well known for their helpfulness and patience, along side high quality clothing. A wide selection from their own clothing range is on offer, that has proven to be a big hit! Situated in the centre of Brighton, you couldn’t ask for a better location for a bit of retail therapy. The clothes are classy but also affordable with no unnecessary flamboyance, so certainly ticks our boxes. This family run business is definitely worth a visit.

What people sayFun clothes, not overly frilly or pretentious and very friendly staff!  I found a coat I fell in love with but couldn’t justify practically speaking (I’m from Atlanta, and a stylish but heavy boiled wool coat is likely to be worn only once or twice a year).  The ladies running the shop picked up on my hesitation immediately, offered to hold the coat 24 hours with no question and advised me to sleep on it – I can’t think of another shop thoughtful enough of their customers to make that suggestion unprompted.  In the end, I decided against the coat, but I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience, totally laid back, unhurried, and zero sales pressure’  Kathy H via Yelp

Website:          Telephone: 01273 623244


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Whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend getaway or a fun filled mini break, there are so many interesting and extremely original place to stay in Brighton…

Hotel Pelirocco

Places-to-stay_Pelirrocco (2)Labels__Places to stay 2 (1)

Rock out at Hotel Pelirocco, each room has a different feel and design, it’s as if you’ve stepped back in time to a retro rock venue. The hotel has an extremely friendly vibe and a relaxed atmosphere with tremendous customer service, offering fantastic food and a selection of specialised cocktails. But more importantly, this rock themed hotel’s most impressive features are its design and layout, it truly gives an authentic feel that cannot be witnessed anywhere else.  

What people sayPerfect for arty weekenders, Hotel Pelirocco offers tongue-in-cheek themed rooms with a retro-rockabilly twist. Set on Regency Square with side views onto the ruined West Pier, it’s just minutes from the city’s main attractions and shops. Quiz the friendly, laid-back staff for suggestions of what to see and where to eat, then head to the hotel’s funky bar for cocktails among Brighton’s most colourful locals.’ The Telegraph

Website:             Telephone: 01273 327055

Artist Residence

Places-to-stay_residence (1)Labels__Places to stay 4 (1)

This indie hideaway is perfect for the creative holiday maker, the 23 bedroom town house boasts 2 restaurants, a cocktail bar and a ping pong room. The location is perfect, with wonderful views over Brighton’s famous coastline. But it is the unique atmosphere that makes The Artist Residence stand out, each room has a different quirky feel to it, creating a rustic and eclectic decor.

What people sayLoved the Artist Residence! Perfect location for exploring Brighton, friendly and helpful staff, great food (don’t skip breakfast, it’s delicious, best flat white coffee of the weekend), glamorous cocktails. Our room was both uber-trendy and comfortable, especially the round bed. Small touches like radio in the room playing Smile Sussex are what makes this a hotel I will definitely recommend.’ Hsberger via TripAdvisor

Website:             Telephone: 01273 324302

A Room with a View

Places-to-stay_room-with-a-view (1)Labels__Places to stay 3 (1)

Enjoy a premium spot situated a stone’s throw from the beach and right next to the Palace Pier, A Room with a View does not disappoint in terms of location, on the periphery of the city centre there are so many things to do. This hotel is luxurious from head-to-toe, the rooms are equipped with top quality furniture and excellent service will be provided throughout your stay, including wonderful breakfasts and staff who will do everything they can to ensure you have a superb stay.  

What people sayWe treated ourselves to 3 days of luxury in Brighton. This hotel totally hit the spot. Our room looked out over the sea and the pier which was totally fabulous. The room itself was beautifully kept with quality furnishings. The bathroom had a free standing bath and a walk in power shower and we were provided with wonderful toiletries. No expense was spared in this hotel. Breakfasts were plentiful and with a good choice which set us up for the day. The owner wasn’t around but this didn’t matter as the hotel was left in the very capable hands of John who always had a smile and couldn’t do enough for us. This is a place we will most definitely return to.’ Nenie70 Via TripAdvisor

Website:          Telephone: 01273 682885

My Hotel

Places-to-stay_my-hotel (1)Labels__Places to stay 5 (1)

Situated in North Laines, My Hotel couldn’t be more central to Brighton’s cultural, vibrant life. At My Hotel, unlike other hotels, guests are given a personal service that reflects their tastes. This covers almost anything, such as your favourite type of music or bedding preferences. Everything is tailored to what the guest desires, this alone makes My Hotel a winner. If you needed any more convincing, the hotel has a modern futuristic feel which was created by New York designer Karim Rashid providing an incredible lavish experience.

What people sayWhat a superb place, slap bang in the midst of lively Brighton. Wonderful service from Federico upon arrival and the penthouse Carousel suite is to die for. Double ended bath tub in the corner with sheepskin rug and ceiling height mirrors. Walk in rain shower and steam too. We were really impressed.’ MissNorthern Via TripAdvisor

Website:          Telephone: 01273 900 300


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An experience like no other, the oriental interior mixed with Indochine French colonialism is a winning combination that has visitors of Drakes coming back for more. But that is just one ingredient that makes up the successful formula they employ. Top class service is a priority, visitors are always extremely well looked after in a laid back, relaxed style that makes you feel at ease as soon as you check in. The 20 bespoke designed rooms have beautiful sea views and everything you could possibly need inside them, a true touch of class.

What people sayWe stayed two nights at Drakes as part of a week long visit to South Coast towns and cities. The receptionist who booked us in was extremely friendly and helpful, and, after booking in, we didn’t have to interact with reception staff again until we left. Parking was easy: we parked in a bay reserved for us in an adjacent hotel and that was fine. Our room seemed very modern, with many space saving devices including a bath alongside the main windows of the bedroom. And we had two comfortable nights’ sleep. Breakfast was excellent with a wide range of orderable dishes – I tried three, including eggs Florentine for the first time – and one could pick up a bowl of mixed fruit to add to one’s cereal too, which was a bonus. On leaving, a different receptionist sorted out our bill efficiently, and he also has time to answer my questions on the history of the hotel.’ Stewart G Via TripAdvisor

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There’s tonnes of great things you can do that won’t cost you a penny, so no excuses…

Brighton Beach

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Brighton’s most famous landmark, You’ll struggle to find a summer’s day where the beach isn’t covered in people soaking up the sun. You’d be a fool to miss out on this one and probably blind if you don’t see it!

What people say – ‘Yesterday I went to the Beach to have a pleasant walk. The weather was very sunny and a lot of people were enjoying the beach and the seafront. I just sat down to read my book and to watch the life. You can relax very easily here. The people are happy and very friendly. You have many options to do, e. g. going to the Brighton Pier and having fun, playing beach volleyball, doing running… I can recommend to have a visit to Brighton and of course the glorious beach’ Claudi1510 via VirtualTourist

Brighton Fishing Museum

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Learn about Brighton’s fascinating history and roots in the Brighton Fishing Museum. There are many art pieces on view which make for an enthralling day out! You can even grab some fresh fish on the way out as well, everyone’s a winner!

What people sayThe fishing museum is part museum, part art gallery and part fish shop. I get my mackerel from here and it’s gorgeously fresh and cheap. The gallery here hosts a range of local artists and once a year they have the Mackerel festival which involves an exhibition of fish related art and a priest who comes down to say a few words. Lovely event.’ Sam R via Yelp

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The North Laines

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The historic North Laines, showcasing over 400 independent shops, cafes and entertainment venues, once you go there, you won’t want to leave. There’s something for everyone and it’s no surprise to us that it’s a huge hit with the locals. Hidden away from the mainstream shops and Churchill Square, the North Laines appears to be a wonderful find, but more like Brighton’s worst kept secret. Always packed full of people and its famous markets are to die for.

What people sayLocated between church street and Trafalgar street is this great area of the city, full of bars, pubs, interesting shops, cafes and restaurants. There is always something happening here day and night and although it gets busy you should be able to find somewhere to eat or drink here. It has everything from burger joints to old fashioned traditional pubs to the more upscale establishments like Browns. Give it a try!’ sge31 via TripAdvisor


The Artist Quarter

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Located on the seafront, the Artist Quarter allows local artists show-piece and sell their pieces from their studios. The studios were previously fishermen’s arches so create a unique feel you won’t find anywhere else. The Artist Quarter is one of Brighton’s many hubs for cultural attractions and will always have a huge draw on both locals and tourists alike.

What people sayThe Artists Quarter of Brighton beach is pleasant stretch of the lower esplanade about 200metres long. The small artists workshops have various ‘Art’ standing and hanging outside. Most of it is produced by the artists in the workshops, some of the sculptures such as the ducks and dogs are clearly imported in making it more affordable. Most of the artists are friendly and seem happy to talk about their work. Some of the lerger studios encourage you in and it can be a pleasant way to spend a few hours.’ Sevencakes via TripAdvisor

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Devil’s Dyke

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The historic Devil’s Dyke provides picturesque views of the famous South Downs. Easily accessible for all Brightonians, just five miles north of the centre, it is perfect for all nature lovers providing stunning panoramas of England’s most colourful habitat, also a dog walker’s paradise with land stretching all across the beautiful landscape. It is believe that at this historic landmark the  ‘Devil’ dug up the valley to drown the parishioners of the Weald, although you won’t have to worry about that any more, we hope!

What people sayThe Dyke is a great place to visit while in Brighton. During the Summer there are open top buses that take you there from the town centre (No. 77 I think) On most days you can see people flying kites or model air planes and quite often there are hang-gliders and Parasailers to watch which is great fun. There is a Hotel/Pub/Restaurant at the top with ample parking. A lot of people go just for Sunday lunch or an evening beer to watch the Sunset. If you like walking or cycling or if you have a dog you must go.’ Kimsky5 via TripAdvisor

We hope you enjoyed our Ultimate Guide to Brighton and find it useful in gallivanting through our magnificent city! But, don’t forget, there’s always more to be discovered, if you find anything you think we’ve missed or should be added on why not share it with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages?

If you’re new to the Brighton area or just visiting, check out our Community and Events page! It’s the perfect way to see what’s going on in the local area and don’t forget, you can list your event for FREE.

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Top 10 Best Family Dogs

When it comes to choosing a family pet it is essentially selecting a new member of the family, this can become quite the predicament. Thankfully, we have selected ten of our favourite family pooches based on the characteristics that really matter when selecting a new pup, from attentiveness to trainability, we’ve got it covered!

In no particular order…


cockapoozA barrel full of laughs can be expected from this small dog with a big personality. These friendly little guys are totally loyal but also easy enough to manage that training isn’t too much of a chore. Another plus is that Cockapoo’s hardly moult so they are low maintenance in every sense of the word as they just aim to please, whether they’re clowning around with the kids or simply curled up in your lap, a Cockapoo will make an excellent addition to any family.


French Bulldog

shit image

Cute with a capital C, French Bulldog’s are a very rare breed so you will do very well to get your hands on a one. However, if you are lucky enough to call one your own they make for wonderful family pets! French Bulldog’s are known to be very adaptable so expect minimal trouble in settling the little guy in, as long as your provide them with a lot of love and attention which they do require!

They are also reasonably easy to train but, do not require the same level of exercise as their counterparts making them easier to manage. Providing you give them the love and attention that all dogs deserve, they are wonderful family pets.


Cocker Spaniel

cockA friend for life and a beautiful one at that! Cocker Spaniel’s are stunning but require a lot of work, we think it’s worth it though. Their cheerful, bubbly nature make them excellent with all of the family, especially kids. Much like Cockapoo’s, they’re at their happiest when pleasing you, because of this training is never normally an issue. If you can make the effort in keeping up with the labour intensive grooming involved with having a Cocker Spaniel we have no doubt they will repay you many times over with their loyalty and companionship.


German Sheherd

german newOur most intelligent addition, German Shepherd’s are well known for their savviness. Along with this their devotion and courage is unrivalled, no wonder they’re a true man’s best friend! They are especially easy to train and extremely energetic and versatile, making the training process so much fun for both you and your new friend! You may be left wondering if there’s anything a German Shepherd can’t do! If you’re part of a fun filled active family who enjoy the great outdoors and active occasions, there’s no better addition than a German Shepherd! This affectionate, energetic, easy to train pup smashes into our top 10 best family dogs!



new lab

Turn the cuteness up a notch or two, soft natured and hard working, Labrador’s  are kind, fun and take most things in their stride. One of their most loveable traits is they are so friendly with everyone, so if you are looking for an affectionate companion, look no further. Labs are very responsive to training which makes them low maintenance! But, they are late to mature, providing spirited teenage years but,  if trained well just adds to part of the family fun!



new pug

The clown of the canine world with an incredible sense of humour, not to mention they also like to show off. They can’t help but make you smile, the comical face, deep wrinkles around the eyes and flat face make them too adorable to ignore. Slightly harder to train to some of the other entries, however they make for loving, kid friendly pals who adore playing and being the centre of attention! However, Pugs are very greedy little things when it comes to food, so make sure you manage their eating to ensure they stay the healthy, happy family pets we know they are.



beagle newBeagle’s are energetic and so much fun to play with! They can be very difficult to train, so we recommend puppy classes for the little mavericks. A Beagle is happiest when sniffing something out, which goes back to their roots of a being a scent dog. Their dark brown hazel eyes and pleading expression are always difficult to resist! Forever sociable and a real hit with kids, especially when causing mischief together. Probably not the best guard dogs however, as they are friends with everyone they meet, not the worst trait for a family dog though.



dashAn ever present in the most popular dogs list since the 1905’s. Their cute look and lively nature are just two reasons why they are so popular and such a common selection for a family pet. You can’t help but be in awe or laugh at a proud Dachshund carrying it’s long muscular body on it’s little legs! However, they’re not just pretty to look at, Dachshund’s are affectionate, loyal and easy to train and groom making them an all round great addition to the family.



Siberian Husky

hskuA truly beautiful dog which has a thick coat of fur that comes in many different colours. Their handsome faces and stunning eyes only add to their charm. Husky dogs are very athletic so can become quite a challenge for an inexperienced owner. Make sure you have no potential escape points from your home as these independent muts have been known to go on their own adventures. Because of this they can be a challenge to train. However, it’s play time all the time with a Husky, which is why they make the our list, outstanding with children and a loyal companion.


Border Collie

collieThe original sheep dog, required to gather and direct sheep in the Hilly border between England and Scotland. Another perfect addition to an active outgoing family, Border Collie’s have unlimited energy and will certainly be able to keep up with you.

Also, they are highly disciplined and because of this are a pleasure to train and wonderful company due to their devotion. A workaholic who aims to please, thus not necessarily a ‘cuddly dog’, as they are happiest when receiving a task from their master.

Their long coat can be difficult to manage at times, but if this isn’t an issue for you, you’d struggle to find a better inclusion to your family.


That concludes our top ten family dogs, we hope that helps you in your quest to find the ultimate family dog. Choosing a new member of the family is a very big decision, so make sure you don’t rush into it, as every dog should be for life and deserves a loving home!

If you’re looking for a new addition to your family be sure to check out our pets section which is full of the wonderful breeds that make up our top ten, all of which are looking for a loving home. 

Getting the kids into new activities!

The many benefits of children being involved with extracurricular activities are well-documented and include raising confidence, building social skills and getting involved in diverse interests. But which activity is best for your child? And how much encouragement do they need before you become a ‘pushy parent’? Here’s a few ideas… karate-502384_1920

Kung Fu

Demanding and intense, Kung Fu is a word used to describe a large fraction of Chinese martial arts. The movements and exercises in it are more fluid than in karate, which makes it easier on joints, and the fast-paced nature of Kung Fu means it’s a great aerobic workout. It’s an excellent stress-buster and will teach your child discipline, strength (both mental and physical) and self-defence.


Learning to swim is obviously a valuable skill, but getting your child involved with swimming on a regular basis brings a range of benefits. Its a great cardiovascular workout that improves strength and flexibility whilst still being low-impact. Swimming has been proved to combat obesity and depression.



Children are full of theatrical energy and getting them to join a regular drama group is an excellent way to channel this into something positive. Drama will build your child’s confidence, help their concentration, develop their language and communication skills and will encourage them to co-operate with others.

Music Lessons

Getting your child to learn a musical instrument can bring about a range of positives. The skills associated with learning a musical instrument improve children’s motor and academic skills, especially maths – which is closely intertwined with music. The great news is that there is a massive variety of instruments to choose from, so your child can pick an instrument that they love. This will undoubtedly boost their enthusiasm and chances of practising.

piano-78492_1920 (1)

Don’t Be a ‘Pushy Parent’

It’s really important to encourage your children in their chosen activities to keep them motivated. Even though you as a parent might feel its your responsibility to nurture any talent your child has, its important to not force them to continue activities they don’t really enjoy. Also remember that the best way to find out what activities your child flourishes in is to encourage him or her to try lots of different ones – don’t limit them to just the one or two you think they’d be good at.


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